James Bond Robot

What if your robot does a little spying thing for you? The project with cameras and it can capture all the information required in that camera. Now your robot is your detective. Thus this at TechElex project is called as James Bond Robot.

Bidirectional Counter

The bidirectional counter using microcontroller 805. Using the IR sensors, a counter that can change its state in either direction, upwards or downwards; It can be used to count number of persons entering hall in the up mode at entrance gate.

Uninterrupted Power Supply

Now do we need to explain UPS i.e. Uninterrupted Power Supply? The backup power supply in case the main power supply goes off. UPS is the need of hour of majority of electronic devices. It can be backbone of alternative any power source.

Line Follower Robot

A very popular project made by lot of students and there is always something special about making a line follower robot. The robot follows a line and moves with the line.

Sine Wave Inverter

The basic electronics project is now just few steps away. Purely electronics project, this makes an inverter using sinusoidal waveform. The power inverter (sine wave inverter) changes direct current into alternating current.

Alcohol Detector

A very useful project for detecting the drink and drive culprits. If you had booze and you ate a pepper mint to cover things up, but with this alcohol detector, drunkards can never lie that they didn’t drink.